1. What is the date of the Program?
Please email from the Contact us section or call us at 901-493-7958 for the next training session dates.

2. How much does it cost?
The cost of the program is $3,650.

3. What is Included in the price?
7 days of room & board (modern on-site lodging & delicious food), a variety of impressive military assault weapons, submachine guns and combat pistols, special forces combat gear, authentic IDF uniforms and dog tags, certificate of completion, access to 29 shooting ranges, 100 acres of prime Israeli training grounds, daily tactical and ant-terror training using IDF maneuvers and sub-machine guns, private commanders from Israel’s elite fighting units, day and night tactical and combat training and paintball "team on team" training. (Combat boots are not included, and each participant must bring their own boots, preferably lightweight, over the ankle black combat boots).

4. How fit do I have to be?
We have designed this program to give you the substance of elite military training without excess psychological and physical stress. Our days start early in the morning and you will be on your feet for the better part of 17 hours each day. You must be able to handle basic physical activities that include climbing hills with your combat gear and running towards an enemy target while under attack. You don’t have to be in great shape, but if you can handle these activities then you will do great. Please email or call us for more information.

5. What do I need to bring?
Upon payment, you will receive a small list of the things you need to bring, but leave the combat gear up to us.

6. What weapons will I be shooting?
You will fire the M16, the Uzi, tthe Mini UZI, the Galil, the CZ75 and the Glock pistol. You will also be firing on full automatic.

7. What if I have never shot a weapon before?
Don't worry, you will be taught the safe handling of all the weapons, as well as the firing and cleaning. Experience is not necessary.

8. How much will I be shooting every day?
We have designed the shooting to be an experience that will teach you from the basics to the advanced. You will be shooting every day, except Saturday. (Saturday night starts our famous War Night, so don't think you are getting all of Saturday off!!),

9. Will I get to actually patrol in enemy territory?
You can leave the truly dangerous stuff up to the Israeli Army, they know what to do. You will be training to do what they do, simulating combat and tactical experiences.

10. Does this program make me an Israeli soldier?
The answer to this one is no. BUT, you will train like them using the same techniques as they do and be trained by actual combat veterans.

11. What medical forms do I need?
For everyone's general safety, we require that each participant have a signed medical 'bill of good health' by a doctor. Upon registration one will be sent to you for your doctor to fill out.

12. How do I know this program is Legitimate?
Our base camp facility has been located in Israel for over 40 years. It is among the most highly respected training bases in Israel. Our program has a board of directors comprised of high ranking Israeli Military and Border Police officers.

13. Do you have any references?
We will supply names and telephone numbers of past participants upon request.

14. Will I get a certificate upon completion?
Every participant will receive our certification of completion that covers two areas. Combat training and Marksmanship. Hang it proudly on the biggest wall you have, you will certainly earn it.

15. Can I take home some equipment to show off my accomplishments?
You will go home with your authentic IDF army uniform that you will be running, shooting, rolling, and attacking in all week. You will also take home your dog tag, and other cool gear that we will keep as top secret for now.

16. Will someone videotape my experience?
Video and still photography will be taken during your week of training. There is nothing more fun then viewing yourself in the action on your own TV.

17. Is the food kosher?
The food is strictly kosher under the supervision of the local rabbinic authorities. (It is delicious and filling too.) We do offer Glatt Mehadrin and Vegetarian upon request

18. Is there any religious twist to the program?
We are not here to push religion on anyone. Just as in the Israeli army, If you need time to pray during the day, you will be accommodated. We will have areas for a synagogue, as well as a Torah for Mondays and Thursdays and Shabbat prayers. Those who wish to participate are welcome, but under no circumstances is anyone going to be talked into or preached to about religion.

19. How can I pay for this?
All major credit cards and personal checks are accepted.

20. If I get friends to come also, do I get a discount?
We always welcome a referral, and we will reward you in kind.

21. How do I get to Israel?
Be prepared to develop your own travel arrangements to and from Israel. Of course, we can assist you in the logistics of your travel plans.

22. Is there security at the base?
Yes, the base has trained security onsite 24 hours a day.

23. How hard is the training?
The training is designed to meet your highest expectations, to give you exactly what you would want and expect from elite Israeli combat instructors. We will not run you ragged, but expect to play with the big boys. You will go through some challenging but very fun training that will make you think on your feet.

24. Who runs this program?
The program will be run by a core group of Americans (with dual Israeli/American citizenship) and Israelis. All the staff have years of IDF combat experience, as well as Israeli Special Forces training.

25. How long have you been doing this for?
We have been in the weapons training and security business for many years. Our instructors and base camp commanders live for this, it's what they do and know best. You are not the first to be trained by our staff, and you won't be the last. (But hopefully you will try to be the best!)

26. Will I have time to visit family and friends in Israel?
You can arrange to see your friends and family either before the commencement of the 7 day training period, or after the 7 days are over. During the 7 days of action, you are one of us.

27. How authentic is the training program?
The training is modeled upon a combat soldier's total experience in the Israeli army, combined with specialized tactical training only practiced by the elite Israeli anti- terror units. It is as authentic as you will ever get.

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