Israeli Army Anti-Terror training and Covert missions

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, our 100 acre live-fire shooting facility and training grounds creates an atmosphere complete with sandy dunes, rocky hills, ocean and greenery. Our facility functions as the ultimate training ground for multi-faceted assault training. The sleeping facilities are new, the dining area is clean and modern, and the excitement is everywhere.

Start out with your mission briefing, meeting your commanders and fellow soldiers. Here, you will be issued your combat ready gear, from Hebrew/English dog tags, to commando vests.

Each day you will be challenged physically and mentally, planning your own combat missions during the day and executing them at night. While learning hands on the proper tactical use of various combat assault rifles and pistols you will experience how challenging and satisfying it can be to train with the top anti-terror instructors in the Israel.


Our Goals

We work very hard to ensure that every detail and transition during training and between training exercises run as smooth as possible. Our attention to detail is our greatest quality and it shows. We strive to challenge you physically and mentally with 17 hour days and planning your own combat missions. We will not try and break you or push you beyond reason but we will make certain that you go home tired and fulfilled. You will truly feel the challenge of being trained like an elite IDF combat soldier.

After you have mastered the basics of patrol techniques and attack methods, we move on to advanced training. Advanced training includes roadblock setup and vehicle inspection, explosives detection, camouflage application using the natural environment and camo face paint, ambush techniques, learn how to defend yourself using Israeli hand to hand combat techniques / Krav Maga and hostage rescue scenarios.

If you want the challenge of the Israeli Army and bonding with the other men in your unit, then this is your program. We understand that you want to live in a comfortable environment mixed with the combat proven skill and toughness of the Israeli army. The food is great, the barbecues even better and the beds are comfortable. We are not here to pamper you but we will make you feel like this is your second home.

Special Ops Training

While the day is packed with tactical and anti-terror assault training, the night offers other challenges. You and your team will be sent on various missions around the base. These missions are all covert and require the use of stealth and speed. Your mind will be tested. The missions are classified, but the excitement is right out of a Hollywood movie. Whether it is planting listening devices in enemy command bunkers or stealing classified documents from enemy encampments, you and your team will be sent to perform Mossad type missions, having to return to base within a specified time, all the while evading the enemy force sent to capture you if you make the slightest mistake. Ever wanted to play spy? Our night challenges will give you the thrill of the action, as close to the real thing as you can get. This is no child's game.

War Night

War Night will be the culmination of all you have learned. Begin by planning strategies with your fellow soldiers, then get the final approval from your commanding officer on your squads plan of attack as to how you will attack your target. The commanders will assign various positions and duties to each soldier, ranging from medic, to runner, to radio man. Be very cautious, using the full night discipline learned during the previous 6 nights of training. During your advance on your targets, you will be faced with a variety of combat related challenges, all connected to your training experience of the previous 6 days. If your squad plans correctly you might meet your mission objectives and return to base alive. Be prepared to carry your wounded, but never leave a man behind. You will learn to execute your mission objectives at all costs.

Go Home With Bragging Rights

After your final debriefing, you will be awarded your certificate of completion. Along with your well deserved certificate, you will be awarded a special item unique to your unit. You will be going home with several mementos of your time training with us including your I.D.F combat uniform, your dog tags, your certificate of achievement, and a few more surprises. You deserve the bragging rights. Bring home video and photographs of your training showing you in live fire exercises, assault training, and War Night preparation.

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